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A resin driveway is a great investment adding as much as 10% to the value of your home. Resin driveways provide a surface that has the strength of concrete, is super flat, with the appearance of real stone - without the loose stone. The perfect solution for any shape and sized driveway.

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Our tried and tested industry leading products coupled with a skilled team ensure your resin project runs smoothly from start to finish. Here's how it works…


EnquiryTo get an indicative price you're welcome to use the online quote form or you can call us on 01202 612819 . Once you've contacted us, we'll confirm your requirements by asking a series of questions related to your project. This call takes just 5 minutes to complete.

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Site VisitWe can typically visit you on the next working day after your enquiry. At your site visit, we'll confirm measurements, inspect the sub-base, show you the aggregate and edging options, answer all of your questions and provide you with a free no obligation fixed-fee quote.


InstallationIn most cases can complete your resin driveway within 5 working days from the site visit. If you'd prefer us to complete the project at a future date we're happy to work to your schedule. Our team are polite, professional, and will of course leave your site clean and tidy.


AftercareUpon completion you'll receive your 15 year warranty and instructions on how to take the best care of your new resin driveway. We'll explain what products to use to stop weeds or moss growth, how to deal with an oil spill and a few other important top tips.

Why choose resin?

Ready for use in 8 hours

Ready for use
in 8 hours

Durable & super hard wearing

Durable & super
hard wearing

Smooth finish with no loose stones

Smooth finish with
no loose stones

Adds up to 10% to your property

Adds up to 10%
to your property

Naturally drains water (Fully SUDS compliant)

Naturally drains water
(Fully SUDS compliant)

Anti-slip finish


Frequently asked questions

How much does a resin driveway cost?

The resin driveway cost per m2 will vary depending on the proposed area. For a typical driveway of up to 40m2, you’ll get a price of £60 per m2. For 40m2 to 100m2 area, it’ll cost £50 per m2. Whereas for any size larger than 100m2, it’ll cost about £45 per m2.

To get a more accurate cost use our instant price quote generator. 

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Are resin driveways slippery?

Most resin driveways are considered to be anti-slip. 

However, if you need your driveway to be rougher in texture, crushed glass is often added to increase anti-slip qualities.

Just ask your installer to add extra crushed glass if you need increased anti-slip properties on your resin driveway.

What is a Sustainable Urban Drainage System?

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) are environmentally friendly porous surfaces that allow water to drain into the natural ground. They are designed to efficiently and sustainably drain surface water while minimising pollution risks and managing the impact on local water bodies. Our resin driveways are SuDS compliant.

Are resin driveways eco-friendly?

Resin driveways are eco-friendly as they are permeable, Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) compliant, long-lasting and require little maintenance.

Are resin driveways cheaper than tarmac?

Resin driveways are cheaper than tarmac as they can be installed directly onto solid surfaces, avoiding the costly groundwork often needed to lay tarmac. Plus, unlike tarmac, resin driveways are extremely durable and require minimal maintenance, making them the cheaper option.

Are resin driveways better than tarmac?

Resin driveways are more durable, practical, environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and cost-effective than tarmac.

What guarantees are provided?

Our resin driveways come with a 15-year guarantee.

How quickly can a resin driveway be installed and used?

Resin driveway installation is quick, usually taking just a few days, and the driveway can be used within just 8 hours of completion.

What types of resin driveway colours are available?

Resin driveways come in a huge range of colours, so you can select the perfect colour to compliant your home and surrounding area.

What maintenance is required for a resin driveway?

Generally, resin driveways are low maintenance, needing only periodic cleaning with a pressure washer and removal of weeds or moss.

Are resin driveways permeable?

Yes, resin driveways are permeable.

A major factor in considering their eco-friendliness is that they are permeable and allow water to drain through. This can help comply with Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) regulations and avoid water runoff and the risk of flooding.

How long do resin driveways last?

Resin driveways can typically last 15-20 years or more. Requiring minimal maintenance, resin driveways are durable and long-lasting. For your peace of mind, our resin driveways come with a 15-year guarantee.